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Electric vehicles, particularly small scooters and commuter motorbikes, are exploding in popularity across Asia and Europe. These tiny runabouts are proving to be sustainable and more affordable alternatives to internal-combustion-powered two-wheelers thanks to the growing charging infrastructure and improving battery technology.

This has given birth to countless EV startups releasing all sorts of electric two-wheelers into the market—all of which with their own unique selling propositions targeted mainly towards city-dwelling commuters. One such brand is Italian startup WOW. The company first made headlines all the way back in 2019, wherein it announced plans of releasing two electric commuters in 2020. Well, we all know what happened in 2020, and it took WOW an extra one year to release its first two e-scooters, the 774 and 775.

Italian E-Scooter Startup WOW Updates Model Range For 2023

Now, for the 2023 model year, WOW is eyeing to release yet another electric scooter in the form of the 778S, while at the same time bestowing some user-friendly updates to the 774 and 775. Kicking things off with updates to the two electric scooters, WOW has fitted them with a column charging port, allowing users to access the scooter’s charging port much more easily. The port is now compatible with standard Type 3 chargers, and can be charged with a max power of eight amperes. The updated 774 and 775 are offered in four colors—red, white, matte gray, and matte black—and retail for 5,170 Euros ($5,377) and 6,010 Euros ($6,250) respectively.

Apart from improving its two existing offerings, WOW is also set to release a brand new model called the 778S. Set to arrive in April, 2023, the 778S features similar styling and features to the 775, but with upgrades to the battery to provide increased range, as well as to the motor, for improved acceleration and top speed. More specifically, we’re looking at new 60-Ah batteries which promise up to 68 miles of range on a single charge. The motor has also been bumped up to 8 kilowatts, or around 10.3 horsepower. Given that the 778S will be WOW’s new flagship model, it commands a more premium price of 7,550 Euros, or approximately $7,852 USD.

Italian E-Scooter Startup WOW Updates Model Range For 2023

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