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The increased range and variety of charging options means that reaching your destination for an overnight adventure on an electric bike is easily achieved.

Take a moment to recall the last bike or scooter advertisement you last saw. Chances are, it involved the two-wheeler being taken out for a glorious spin, either zipping through busy city streets or rolling down picturesque country roads. The ad also certainly attempted to sell you the freedom that comes with a two-wheeler. It’s all about you, your machine, and the open road. It’s an obvious connection to make — one of the joys of owning a two-wheeler is being able to take it for a long ride to a beautiful destination. While most people imagine themselves making these journeys on a traditional, combustion engine two-wheeler, the truth is that the new electric bikes are just as capable of going on these adventures even with a more ecofriendly way!

Charging Infrastructure on the Rise

The idea that electric bikes or scooters are totally capable of overnight journeys might surprise some readers. After all, one of the most common concerns of customers when buying an electric scooter or bike in India is the charging infrastructure. Unlike petrol pumps, public charging stations are not as widespread across most cities and towns, let alone the highways leading to overnight destinations. However, as the technology powering electric bikes advances, the range of these vehicles and the versatility of charging options means that distance is no longer an issue.

As an environmentally friendly mode of transportation, electric vehicles (EV) are gaining popularity in India. This movement toward sustainable transportation is also being encouraged by the authorities. The Ministry of Power has rolled out two schemes to encourage the adoption of EVs across the country, with guidelines covering both public and private charging stations. The gradual rollout of these schemes will see the country’s infrastructure for charging EVs become more robust. There are also more third-party apps and services entering the market to help riders locate charging stations nearby.

The growing network of public and private charging stations means that electric bikes and scooters will soon be able to charge their batteries on the go just as easily as petrol-powered ones fill their fuel tanks. Along with the increased riding range of newer models (which goes up to 150 km for some electric bikes), this means that reaching your destination for an overnight adventure on an electric bike is easily achieved.

Portable Power Stations: A Must Have

One advantage an electric bike has over a petrol-powered one on these long overnight trips is that it can be charged wherever it is parked, instead of needing to be taken to a petrol pump. That’s where a portable charger comes in. In the case of a long journey, the portable charger can be the electric bike rider’s best friend. Even if the journey takes them to remote, off-the-grid locales away from charging stations, a portable charger ensures that their batteries aren’t drained. Most companies selling electric bikes and scooters today include the installation of a home charging station and a portable charging station as an accessory while making a sale.

Of course, even a portable charger requires a reliable power source. For the adventures that include camping and other outdoor activities, it’s quite likely that the bike would be parked overnight in a place with no electrical connections. This is why it’s so important for EV owners to invest in a portable power station. Currently, there are high-performance products in the market like EcoFlow’s RIVER Pro portable power station that can completely charge an electric bike’s battery safely and reliably. Having a portable power station like RIVER Pro can open up a whole new world of adventure for electric bike and scooter owners.

Ride Further with RIVER Pro

Weighing in at just 7.6 kg, RIVER Pro is a lightweight power source you can easily take with you while travelling. It has the ability to reach full charge either from wall outlets or through its solar panels in just under two hours — the solar charging feature is particularly useful for those who enjoy the great outdoors. RIVER Pro is silent, environmentally friendly, and powerful, with a massive 720Wh capacity and an AC output. In scenarios where a charging station might be beyond your riding range while out of town, the RIVER Pro power station will come to the rescue to ensure that no distance is too great.

There are currently many reasons to buy an electric bike; it makes sense both environmentally and financially. With the rising cost of fuel, being able to charge your EV through your own privately owned power source like EcoFlow RIVER Pro is a blessing. And since the government is also currently offering tax benefits for consumers purchasing EVs, investing the money saved toward an essential accessory like the RIVER Pro portable power station is a sound decision.

With the right power source, no adventure is too far-flung for an electric bike. The freedom of the open road is calling! EcoFlow is hiring dealers all around India, contact them at sales.rest@ecoflow.com

About EcoFlow 

EcoFlow is a portable power and renewable energy solutions company. Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow has provided peace-of-mind to customers in over 100 markets through its DELTA and RIVER portable power stations and eco-friendly accessories. EcoFlow’s mission is to reinvent the way the world accesses energy by creating quiet, lighter, and longer-lasting renewable batteries.

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