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There’s a new all-electric Hummer, but this one only has two wheels.

GMC has teamed up with ebike maker Recon for a new model inspired by its hard-to-get supertruck. And just like the EV it’s based on, it has all-wheel-drive (AWD), making it even easier to venture off the beaten path.

Despite their massive differences in size and shape, you can definitely see the Hummer EV’s influence on the design of the two-wheeler. The hardtail “super ebike” has a chunky frame finished in a two-tone color scheme, just like its larger sibling. It also rides on a set of puncture-resistant, all-terrain fat tires which should make it easier to conquer any trail you come across. You’re not going to see many ebikes that look this rugged. Because of this, it looks too big for the Hummer EV’s bed, but luckily you can mount it on the tailgate without issue.

The Recon x GMC Hummer EV AWD EBike from the side

Recon x GMC Hummer EV AWD EBike


The ebike is most like the EV in its performance. GMC and Recon’s two-wheeler is a beast. Each wheel is equipped with a 48-volt, 750-watt Balfang hub motor with a peak output of 1,200 watts, according to the bike maker. Thanks to the pair you’ll be able to reach a top speed of 28 mph, which may pale in comparison to the 106 mph the EV can reach, but is extremely fast for a two-wheeler. There’s also a trio of ride modes that will allow you to get the most out of the dual-motor setup—“Cruise” mode sends power to the rear, “Traction” to the front and “Adrenaline” splits it between both wheels.

The vehicle gets its power from a 17-Ah LG battery hidden in its downtube, which is upgradable to 21 Ah. No range was announced, but Recon’s other AWD model, the Stryker, can travel 30 to 50 miles between charges. The Hummer EV is equipped with a power inverter, so you should be able to use it to charge the bike when you’re away from home.

“GMC is excited to collaborate with Recon as they develop the GMC Hummer EV AWD Ebike,” GMC marketing director Rich Latek said in a statement. “With design cues and inspiration taken directly from the GMC Hummer EV supertruck, this ebike further expands customer’s ability to explore different off-road trails—whether in the vehicle or out on the bike.”

Interested in having two different battery-powered Hummers in your garage? Recon is taking orders now through its website. The bike costs $3,999 with a 17-Ah battery and $4,175 with the 21-Ah battery. It’s unclear how big the production run will be, but we imagine it will be easier to get than GMC’s EV.

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