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Energy Management Centre (EMC) Kerala may consider relaunching an electric scooter challenge which had not received encouraging response from entrepreneurs.

EMC sources said the electric scooter challenge involved incentivising entrepreneurs to make scooters available at different points in a city from where a person reaching, for instance, Kochi, can borrow the vehicle for city rides on the basis of rents paid to scooter owners.

However, the challenge, launched a year ago, had not evoked good response, forcing EMC to temporarily shelve the project and wait for a more opportune time. Sources pointed out that electric scooters were encouraged along with walking. Even cities in Goa have adopted electric scooters on a rental basis, EMC sources said.

The electric scooter challenge was part of measures to introduce net carbon-neutral transport systems in cities in the State and encourage more people to utilise two-wheelers to commute within a city, thereby reducing road congestion and speeding up individual movements.

EMC was launched to coordinate activities for enforcing provisions in the Energy Conservation Act 2001 (Central) and promote sustainable development and energy conservation in all sectors.

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