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With micro-mobility becoming more and more dominant and popular among the masses, it was high time we tested one out. We have with us the Moon E-kick scooter and we put it to the test. We evaluated it on numerous performance markers such as travel range, speed tracking, acceleration, ride comfort, braking and battery life. Here are the results.

Real-World Range

The most common problem with micro-mobility electric scooters is that they cannot match their claimed range metrics. Moon, however, comes very close to matching its claimed 20-kilometre range. We travelled on the scooter till it ran out of power and it covered a distance of 17 kilometres without breaking the proverbial sweat.

GPS Speed Tracking 

Electric scooters usually come equipped with their own speedometers. The Moon E-kick scooter is no different as it has a speedometer attached to the handle-bar. We, however, did a speed test of our own. We used GPS speed tracking while using the scooter on the road. Many times speedometers on electric scooters are either faulty or inaccurate and that is why this was an important test. Now, speeds do vary depending on the payload on the scooter. In our case, the scooter passed the speed test with flying colours clocking in at a maximum speed of 24.7 kmph. P.S., this was achieved while on the ‘Speed 3’ mode. The Moon E-kick scooter has three such modes, namely, Speed 1, Speed 2 and Speed 3.


Accelerating on a micro-mobility electric scooter might be tricky at times because, at the end of the day, it is but a tiny vehicle. Moon here, however, impressed us with its limited yet impactful acceleration. The electric scooter did well in our climb test as well, with no significant issue on uphill roads. The 350W motor and the 16 Nm torque are no joke.

Ride Comfort 

Ride comfort is a must these days and something that cannot be ignored at all. Now, electric scooters are notorious for their stiff riding experiences, given their limitations in size and space. We, personally, take ride comfort very seriously and had our reservations while testing the Moon E-kick scooter which, however, were shattered quickly. Moon was a delight to ride with a neat suspension in place which handled bumpy city roads with ease. We really felt the suspension at work while encountering potholes and speed breakers.


This one is a no-brainer. Braking is as essential to motor vehicles as acceleration. Some even consider the former more important than the latter. An efficient and effective braking system comes in handy, especially when you take into consideration Indian road conditions. Moon did a splendid job at braking, to say the least. Be it gradually lowering speeds at corners or coming to a complete halt in clutch moments.


It’s a 36V standard lithium-ion battery in this case. With an 8Ah capacity and 288Wh power, the battery does a decent job and holds its ground. It did miss its claimed 20-kilometre range by a few, but it was a smooth experience nonetheless.

Overall Build Quality 

Let’s put some numbers here for perspective. The scooter weighs a total of 19 kilograms and can carry a maximum payload of about 120 kilograms. With a motor mustering up a torque of roughly 16 Nm, the scooter can reach speeds of up to 25 kmph.

The 12-inch inflatable tyres, when clubbed together with alloy wheels, offer a sturdy performance and an impressive grip even on rubble. The electric scooter also comes with a 1.8W LED projector headlamp too, something that comes in handy after dark.

Another important thing that we noticed is that the steel-aluminium body is light, but at the same time, heavy enough to provide a stable centre of gravity. Lastly, Moon can easily be folded into half when the need arises and put back together in just one swift motion.

Let’s Talk Verdict

Arctic Fox, Moon E-kick scooter manufacturer, has done a remarkable job in making an affordable micro-mobility vehicle that can actually handle city roads in India. The scooter comes along with a projector LED headlamp, a set of two keys, a manual (which we haven’t opened to this day because that’s how we roll,) a solid metal-alloy body, a functional suspension mechanism in place and a 25-ish kmph top speed with a 20-kilometre range (15-17 kilometre if you consider roads with heavy traffic.) What else do you need?

Apart from that, the Moon E-kick scooter comes with a one-year warranty for the main body, a 6-moth warranty for the motor as well as the motor controller and last but not least, a 6-month warranty for the battery and the charger.

At a price point of INR 24,999 (as mentioned on its official website,) it really is a sweet deal. The verdict has come in and it states that Moon is a splendid micro-mobility electric scooter that kills two birds with one stone. On one hand, it offers a viable commuting option for short distances, while on the other hand, it takes the country’s budget-sensitive consumers into consideration as well. 

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