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The Govecs Roller Flex electric scooter is now available for consumers; previously, the vehicle was only available for rental services. The Roller Flex is fitted with a three-phase 2.3 kW GO CORE motor developed by Govecs, providing a top speed of 45 kph (~28 mph). With a single lithium-ion battery, you can travel up to 57 km (~35 miles) between charges.

The battery storage under the scooter’s bench can also fit a second battery, doubling your range to 112 km (~70 miles). The power packs are removable, weigh 9.4 kg (~20.7 lbs) each and can be fully recharged in around 4.5 hours. 16-in tires provide a smooth ride with additional stability and grip, and hydraulic disc brakes help deliver short stopping distances. A 5-in TFT display between the handlebars has a full-colour, high-resolution screen and provides various information about the scooter.

Other features include a full LED headlight on the front of the bike and a built-in alarm system. The scooter has a sturdy double frame made with unbreakable GO-ELAST plastic components, and the vehicle weighs 95 kg (~209 lbs) without the batteries. The scooter has a maximum payload of 172.5 kg (~380 lbs), allowing you to ride with a passenger. You can currently buy the Govecs Roller Flex e-scooter in Europe from €3,990 (~US€3,991).

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