Fiido X (2022) launches as an electric bike with an upgraded display and a new PAS-0 mode Leave a comment

How are you doing? This is Kenson, the Public Relations Lead from Fiido.

We’re currently preparing to <wbr />introduce the new Fiido X. It <wbr />is an upgrade from the <wbr />previous one and we are <wbr />trying to raise awareness of <wbr />it.
I know you have published reviews of the Fiido X but this <wbr />upgrade is substantial and we <wbr />believe there is value in <wbr />covering the new Fiido X.
The improvements include:

1. A full Shimano 7-speed shifter
2. A new PAS0 (Zero power-<wbr />assistance) mode 
3. An upgraded meter (Both MPH <wbr />and KPH available, improved <wbr />brightness, odometer included)
4. An upgraded passcode security <wbr />system (power saving mode <wbr />included)
5. An upgraded handlebar (better <wbr />grip with better comfort)
6. A derailleur hanger is included for protection 
7. A saddle with more comfort
8. Upgraded magnetic folding <wbr />units (unwanted rotation <wbr />removed for better reliability

Here is the press kit for your reference, including the brand introduction, product introduction, and photos.<wbr />press-kit

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