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If you’re looking to transition to electric two-wheelers, electric bikes are arguably the easiest step in that direction. After all, they cost less and allow you to get the full (somewhat) electric experience. The only problem, though, is that E-bikes don’t turn heads and look like ordinary bicycles most of the time. The emphasis, however, here is on “most of the time” because Canada’s Lyric Cycles has unveiled the Voodoo electric bike, which not only gets the basics right but also looks the part with its café racer-inspired aesthetic.


The Lyric Voodoo Electric Bike Is Nothing Short Of An Eye Candy

The Lyric Voodoo looks the part, thanks to its cafe racer-like design

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At a quick glance, the Voodoo looks more like a full-sized electric motorcycle rather than an electric bike, thanks to its beefy tires, chunky headlight, and a two-up flat seat. Even the handlebar is low (almost like a clip-on) to mimic old-school, gas-powered café racers, and the bar-end mirrors are also a sweet touch, usually unseen on electric bikes. However, it’s when you look with a keen eye that you can spot the sly pedals and the small sprocket which ultimately give away its real identity. Regardless, the Voodoo surely qualifies as eye candy, especially in the otherwise simple electric bike space.

The Lyric Voodoo Offers Decent Performance

65 miles of range and a 65 mph top speed should be enough for commuting as well as occasional fun

Like its design, the Voodoo has plenty to offer elsewhere too. Starting with performance, the e-bike employs a 3kW hub motor, good enough for 24 horsepower and a top speed of 65 mph. The company also claims a maximum range of 65 miles, though the conditions, average speed, and pedal-assist for this are still unclear.

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USB charging, color display, all-LED lights–you name it and the Voodoo features it

Meanwhile, there’s a long list of features too, comprising an LED headlight, color instrument cluster, USB charging port, and regenerative braking. You also get DOT-approved mirrors, horn, and LED indicators which make it “street legal”. Oh, and in case you want more electric motorcycle feels, you can also replace the pedals with foot pegs for extra money.

Finally, the e-bike is built around an exposed steel trellis chassis sprung on telescopic forks and a mono-shock, and it slows down via single disc brakes at both ends. Also, the claimed permissible load limit is 400 pounds, so two average-sized adults should be no problem for the Voodoo.

Lyric Voodoo Electric Bike – What’s The Price?

Lyric is charging (pun intended) $6,999 for the Voodoo and pre-bookings are already in full swing on the company website for just $100. You will have to play the patience game, though, since deliveries are likely to begin in Spring 2023.

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