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As the Fall semester continues, electric scooters (e-scooters) and other micro-mobility devices have been a popular method of active transportation across the main campus. E-scooters and other micro-mobility devices being used across campus require proper safety measures to be established for the campus community.

Safety remains a top priority at Clemson University for its students, faculty and staff. As such, it is important for all members of the campus community to be aware of the safety guidelines for those operating e-scooters and other designated micro-mobility devices. The following guidelines are provided to encourage safe practices when operating e-scooters.

When operating scooters and micro-mobility devices, practice the following safety steps:

  • Follow the same rules as if operating a bicycle by obeying the same traffic laws. This includes using designated bike lanes and observing proper traffic safety procedures.
  • Go with the flow of traffic and yield to pedestrians. Riding in tandem is not recommended.
  • Be cognizant of your surroundings, particularly regarding pedestrians and vehicular traffic. It is advised that you don’t wear headphones or earbuds while riding a scooter.
  • Just as with operating any vehicle or micro-mobility device, it is important to drive defensively and ride responsibly.
  • Wearing a helmet is also recommended for added protection while operating an electric scooter.

When parking e-scooters and other micro-mobility devices, it is important to:

  • Secure e-scooters outside of university facilities such as residence halls, dining halls and academic facilities. If riding an e-scooter to a destination on campus, it is important to have a plan for where you intend to park or secure it.
  • It is recommended scooters be parked or secured at bike racks outside facilities. Bike rack locations can be found online at my.Clemson (Transit, Biking, click the box for Bike Racks). Do not secure scooters to handrails at stairs and ramps outside of buildings.
  • Bringing and parking scooters inside Clemson facilities can present various fire, safety, and accessibility hazards. As such, it is important scooters are not parked inside buildings, in pathways of pedestrians, stairwells, elevators, vehicle parking spaces and other areas blocking entrances or exits. Scooters found parked in a manner that causes hazards may be confiscated.
  • It is important to consider the safety of others within the building and the risks that come with improperly parking an e-scooter or micro-mobility device.

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