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Finneas said Thursday he is recovering from surgery after crashing his electric bicycle last week.

The 25-year-old singer-songwriter said in an Instagram post that he went over the handlebars on Oct. 21, “absolutely demolishing my collarbone as well as sustaining a radial head fracture to my right elbow.”

Sharing an X-ray image, Finneas said he needed surgery due to “the severity of the displacement of my collarbone.”

He said he will undergo physical rehab and hopes to be able to join his sister and creative partner Billie Eilish on stage at her Dec. 15 and Dec. 16 shows at the KIA Forum in Los Angeles.

“As foolish as I felt after the fall, my prevailing emotion is gratitude. You see, I was not wearing a helmet. Lesson forever learned,” Finneas wrote. “I feel so lucky to still be here. Take care of yourselves, thank your bodies for all that they do for you.”

In 2017, Ed Sheeran broke an arm when a car knocked him off his bicycle on a London street and, in 2014, U2 frontman Bono suffered a horrific arm injury after crashing his bicycle in New York’s Central Park. Canadian singer David Usher broke a toe in a cycling mishap in 2020 and, last year, country star Dierks Bentley said he broke his hip after going over the handlebars of his bicycle during a race.

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