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Royal Enfield commences electric bike testing?

–         Royal Enfield invests heavily in EV 

–         Rumours of electric-bike testing have begun 

The world is shifting towards clean energy and Royal Enfield has plans to do the same. But, this shift is expected to happen after some years. 

According to a report, Royal Enfield is investing heavily in developing electric motorcycles. While we did know this, the brand has started testing some of its early EV prototypes in India and also around the world. This development makes us believe that the Chennai-based brand has decided to launch the electric version of certain brands. 

The company claims that over the past six-eight months, it has made an investment in EV space by setting up new infrastructure for EV testing and also hired some new talents in UK and India. However, the company is in no mood to launch new electric bikes early as it wants to understand the buyer’s requirements and approach towards the world of EVs. 

We think Royal Enfield will be one of the last few Indian companies to enter the EV space as it doesn’t have a presence in entry-level models where the focus is much more. The government wants to target a larger segment when it comes to EVs and Royal Enfield doesn’t have a single bike in that space.  

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