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I have spent the last two hours assembling the new Velotric Nomad 1 fat tire electric bicycle. What’s really crazy is that I recently put together a different model e-bike from the same brand, and wrote about it in this column, raving about how easy it was to assemble. It was the best such experience I’ve had. This time was not close. Mind you, it was still a lot easier than many competitor models. But I’m not sure why this experience was so different. For instance, for some reason the instructions have you calibrate the brakes before you even put on the kickstand. Speaking of, the instructions never do tell you to put on the kickstand. I just figured it out on my own – not that it was difficult. Seems to me it would be one of the first things you’d want to do, so that the bike wouldn’t fall over while you’re putting it all together.

After completing assembly however, I gave the bike a spin. Thankfully, everything went really well from that point. Like its predecessor, this model flies forward when you hit the throttle or when you use the electric assist and manually pedal. Acceleration is whisper quiet, fast and smooth. Gears manually shift with ease, just the way they’re supposed to. And breaking is nice, crisp and smooth.

I have to admit that riding a bike with fat tires is quite a change from regular-sized wheels for me. You especially notice it when you start turning, it’s almost as if the bike’s momentum takes over for you because it just kind of leans into those big wide tires. My buddy who tried it, afterwards summed it up perfectly: “It feels at first like a car that’s out of alignment during a turn. And then you get used to it.” But everything is installed properly, so that must just be what a fat tire bike feels like. You can run over big potholes with these wheels and not even feel the jolt of it. The ride is really padded and comfortable, and is only enhanced by the nicely cushioned seat. I quickly took the bike for two five-mile rides, and was almost giggling with how comfortable the whole experience was.

One thing I really like on this model is the large bright odometer display. Everything on screen is very easy to see, even in direct sunlight. And the fonts are nice, large and a contrasting black. Plus, I think the bike itself is really cool and hip looking, which should attract a very large and wide audience. I opted for the step-through model – a now-common frame that has really grown on me for its ease to get on and off the bike.

Like the other Velotric model I previously tried, this one aims to get up to 55 miles per battery charge. And that’s pretty good for an e-bike in our hilly and windy area. More importantly for me, it’s armed with a 750W high performance motor (peak 1200W) and a 75Nm torque – meaning that it zips up even the steepest hills in our area.

Priced at $1,599, I think it’s a good value and seems to be very well built with quality parts. So I would expect it to last quite a while.

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