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While numerous residents of large cities around the world already utilize an eco-friendly e-bike for their daily commute to and from work, more and more recreational off-road riders are also giving electric mountain bikes a chance. MTB enthusiasts who are particularly confident in their skill set may want to take a look at an upcoming electric mountain bike made by Frey.

In an article published at Electrek, the Chinese electric bike manufacturer has now granted a quite impressive first look at its upcoming flagship e-bike, the so-called Frey Beast. This electric mountain bike is built on a brand-new 60-volt platform, for which the company developed a suitable battery as well as a custom version of the Bafang Ultra motor. As a result, the enduro e-bike sports a ridiculous peak power output of 1,800 watts, which also means that the Frey Beast is mainly designed for experienced MTB riders who already know how to handle this kind of power.

In terms of suspension, the electric mountain bike is equipped with a very capable RockShox Lyrik in the front and a RockShox Super Deluxe in the rear, both of which have 160mm of travel. Furthermore, the pictures of the Frey Beast also confirm that the e-bike has a 29-inch front wheel and a smaller 27.5-inch rear wheel that is supposed to provide more torque and better acceleration. The manufacturer apparently plans to release more technical specs, the release date and price of the Frey Beast in March of 2023. However, the info dump already highlights that this e-bike will be a fairly expensive halo product for the up-and-coming company, and not a mass-produced electric mountain bike for regular hobby riders.

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