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Twisting the grip one way to go faster and closing it to slow down might sound obvious, but Swedish firm RGNT’s ‘One Throttle Drive’ or OTD for short takes that a step further by dialling in regen braking as you shut the throttle.

Don’t panic, though, there is also a conventional lever-operated brake fitted.

The system has a few advantages and it’s not unheard of in cars – Nissan have used a one-pedal ‘e-pedal’ system in the Leaf for years. The idea is that by using regenerative braking to slow down you’re more efficient, which is key in electric vehicles with limited range.

The system works via a hub-mounted motor that drives the firm’s SE and SEL models, which have been developed over the last couple of years, to a maximum speed of 75mph with a range of 87 miles. The rear-hub motor produces peak power of 21kW with an additional 20kW available as Boost in either of the two modes – Power and Range.

RGNT charging

Riding modes, battery status and GPS are displayed on what RGNT call a Human Machine Interface (HMI) instrument cluster, which features a thumb-operated joystick for riders to switch between modes and display specific data. The 7in LCD can be controlled via a touchscreen or through the RGNT app.

The non-removable battery is a 9.5KwH Li-ion unit which can be charged from any 110/220v outlet with a full charge taking six hours, or a partial charge from 20% to 80% from around three hours.

The SE is available in either the Classic, café racer styling or a Scrambler version and both are started with keyless ignition. Weighing in at 161kg, the models share the same dimensions with an 810mm seat height.

RGNT leather seat

Prices for the SE models start at €13,495 (approx. £11,750) for the Classic and €14,495 (approx. £12,610) for the Scrambler. The SEL (limited) editions retail for €1000 more than the SE models.­

RGNT in detail

  • Fancy finish: Several colour options are available across all model variations and there is a smart-looking handcrafted leather seat to add class.
  • New styling: The front of both models is completely updated, with a new triple tree, cockpit, indicators and LED lighting.
  • Cluster round: The Human Machine Interface (instrument cluster) is completely redesigned and reprogrammed, offering a range of personalisation options.
  • Nicely sprung: Paioli provide the suspension with around 120mm of preload-adjustable travel available front and rear.
  • Charge ahead: The battery can’t be removed and weighs around 60kg – if stored for a long time, it can be kept healthy by hooking up to a CTEK charger.

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