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Komaki on Monday launched a new electric scooter in India. The all-new Komaki Venice Eco is a budget-range electric scooter that comes as a toned-down version of the Komaki Venice, which is already on sale in the Indian market. Also Read – EV blast: A 7-year old boy dies after e-scooter battery explodes while charging

The Komaki Venice Eco brings up to 100km range and a total charging time of up to 3-4 hours. It has seven different colors including vibrant ones like Orange, Red, Green, and others. The electric scooter comes in the sub-Rs 1,00,000 segment rivaling EVs from several other existing and emerging brands. Also Read – Ola S1 Pro electric scooter gets Rs 10,000 discount

Komaki Venice Eco electric features, price in India

The electric scooter sports a stylish design and has a simpler look when compared with the original Venice. The Venice Eco cuts down on the storage box and removes the metal frame, but does offer a backrest instead and a retro style. Also Read – Ola Exprience Centres introduced in Indian cities to offer real-world experience of Ola S1 electric scooters

It houses a Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery which is said to reduce heat since it houses lesser cells than a typical Lithium-ion battery. The company advertised that the battery in the EV is fire resistant.

The electric scooter is claimed to use 1.8 to 2 units of consumption per charge. As for the range, it is said to offer an 85-100 km range per LIPO4 battery.

It has a TFT display that will show you maps and help you navigate your way through. It will also work as an instrument cluster.

The EV also has a built-in music player and supports self-diagnosis. While the Venice Eco does not have a back storage box, it does have front storage for keeping small items. It has a single-seat design unlike Venice, which has a two-seat design.

Coming to the pricing, the Komaki Venic Eco’s ex-showroom price is Rs 79,000 in the country. As said above, it comes in seven different colors including Red, Black, Green, Blue, and Orange.

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