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Kugoo Kirin G3: Two minute review

The Kugoo Kirin G3 is the highest-end scooter that Kugoo sells in the U.S. It sits right above the Kirin M4 Pro and G2 Pro scooters. The Kirin G3 is a large scooter whose 10-inch wheels raise it high off the ground and whose deck will ensure that your feet won’t slide around during your high-speed ride. It’s got quite a bit of style as well with its black and orange color scheme and sturdy look that means business. 

Out of the box comes the scooter with detached handlebars, some hardware that includes screws and Allen keys to affix the needed screws for the handlebars and rear mud guard, and the manual which, after reading a dozen times, needs some translating help for the sake of clarity. 

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