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Fantic is considered by many as a boutique Italian motorcycle manufacturer known for its capable, retro-style dual-sport bikes. Indeed, its bikes like the Rally and Scrambler have gained much acclaim in multiple markets. In fact, I’ve spent some time with Fantic’s bikes, and can say that they’re awesome through and through. Surprisingly, we’re not here to talk about Fantic’s motorcycles, but rather, a unique two-wheeler called the ISSIMO 45.

The ISSIMO 45 is undeniably very different from what we’ve become accustomed to with Fantic. It’s not a dual-sport motorcycle, but rather, a funky looking S-Pedelec. But wait, what the heck is an S-Pedelec? A Speed Pedelec, as it’s called, is classified a notch above electric bicycles, and are in the same category as mopeds. Now, the ISSIMO is classified as such thanks to its rather punchy output, which we will get to in just a little bit. That said, the first thing that’s likely to catch your eye is the ISSIMO 45’s strange looking frame, which takes the shape of a truss bridge.

Fantic Stirs Up E-Bike Segment With The New Issimo 45

Apart from offering a sturdy and rigid construction even with a low step-through design, this unique truss bridge frame makes it possible to configure the two-wheeler in a bunch of funky ways—like with side panels in various colors and a bunch of nifty accessories. Despite its quirky appearance, this adorable little electric moped’s performance is undoubtedly the highlight of the show.

A powerful mid-drive Bafang M600 motor powers the ISSIMO 45, and it’s capable of churning out 120 Nm—that’s 84 ft-lbs—in our lingo, of torque. The motor is listed as a 500W, or 0.67 horsepower, continuous-rated unit, although it can reach a sustained top speed of 28 mph, indicating that its peak power output is far higher. The motor is paired with a 600 Wh detachable battery. With the addition of a second battery, the motor’s range can be extended from 31 miles to 62 miles on a single charge.

A Heavy Duty ENVILO CVT in the rear wheel serves as the bike’s secondary transmission, allowing you to pedal efficiently alongside the power of the electric motor. The 80mm front suspension fork on the ISSIMO 45 should provide a somewhat pleasant ride on both smooth and uneven roads. The ISSIMO 45 also rides on 20×4-inch fat tires with chunky, urban-style tread. Hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear wheels should also enable the bike to stop quickly.

Fantic Stirs Up E-Bike Segment With The New Issimo 45
Fantic Stirs Up E-Bike Segment With The New Issimo 45

Apart from the techie electric powertrain, the ISSIMO 45 is outfitted by Fantic with a rear license plate holder, a complete lighting system, and a rearview mirror. All these things are requirements for it to attain street-legal status as an S-Pedelec in Europe. That said, it also gets a throttle, apart from a traditional e-bike pedal assist system, allowing you to ride it like an e-bike or like an electric motorcycle anytime you please. The consequence of this, however, is that it must be registered and requires a license to be ridden. As for pricing, in Europe, the ISSIMO 45 retails for 3,590 Euros, or roughly $3,670 USD.

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