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TEMECULA, CA — A stolen electric bike was recovered, much to the relief of a local high school student, officials say. Recently the Riverside County Southwest Sheriff’s Station learned that someone took a secured electric bike from outside a small business where the teenager worked.

The victim’s parents told deputies that they purchased the bike for their son to save the hard-working student money on gas.

When proactive patrols, including the SWS Special Enforcement Team, saw an unhoused man riding the electric bike, they matched it to the detailed description provided by our victim, according to a recent social media report.

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The Special Enforcement Team followed the man to a local encampment where they confronted him, officials say.

According to reports, too many things were unique to this bike, which made it more than a coincidence.

Find out what’s happening in Temeculawith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Stolen bike recovered by Southwest Sheriff’s Station Deputies. (Courtesy Photo).

“(It was) virtually impossible for the transient to have a bike identical to our victim,” deputies reported.

Deputies returned the stolen bike to the family and the unidentified homeless man was arrested for possession of the stolen property.

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