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DUNEDIN, FL — A Dunedin man was charged with driving under the influence after being pulled over Sunday night riding an electric bicycle.

According to the Clearwater Police Department, witnesses alerted police after spotting Reynaldo Pantojas-Ramirez, 48, of Main Street, Dunedin, falling off his motorized bike several times as he rode it on the street near the intersection of North Highland Avenue and Sunset Point Road around 6 p.m.

When police approached him, they said he was having trouble with his balance and tried to urinate on a nearby dumpster but couldn’t pull his zipper down, causing him to urinate on himself.

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Officers said he had bloodshot, watery eyes, slurred speech, dilated pupils and a strong odor of alcohol on his breath.

During a Breathalyzer test, Pantojas-Ramirez’ blood-alcohol content was 0.175 and 0.177. Florida considers a person legally drunk when they test 0.08 or above.

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