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The Bird company will end its shared electric scooter program in Leavenworth after Labor Day.

Sept. 9 will be the last day people can rent the scooters, according to an announcement released Monday by the city government.

In April, the Leavenworth City Commission entered into a memorandum of understanding with the California-based Bird company. The agreement allows the company to operate a shared electric scooter pilot program in the city.

Scooters began showing up in the city later that month.

City spokeswoman Melissa Bower said the city did not have to provide any money for the program.

People who rent the scooters are charged $1 to start a trip and an additional 39 cents per minute. The Bird charges a $3 minimum for each trip plus tax, according to Assistant City Manager Penny Holler.

The city does not receive money from the rentals.

The pilot program was intended to last for 12 months, but Bird is ending the program early.

The memorandum of understanding allows the city or Bird to terminate the agreement at any time with 30 days prior notice.

According to the statement released by the city, ridership levels for the program initially were high. More than 4,000 rides had been taken place in the city by July 5. But ridership dropped in July and never returned to earlier levels.

Holler provided an update about the program to city commissioners in early July. At that time, Bird had placed 190 of the electric scooters in the city for rent.

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