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6:30 AM July 3, 2022

A 16-year-old city girl has been given six points on her driving licence but she’s not even old enough to get behind the wheel.

Her dad has been left baffled after his teenage daughter was hit with the punishment on her future licence and slapped with a fine for riding her scooter in the city. 

Steve Kersey, 40, received a call from his tearful daughter while he was away in Germany after her battery scooter had been seized by officers. 

The girl had been walking with friends in the city centre but had stepped on to the scooter to roll down the slope from Castle Meadow towards the Royal Arcade around 5pm on Monday, June 13.

The police letter addressed to Steve Kersey's daughter 

The police letter addressed to Steve Kersey’s daughter

– Credit: Contributed

But after being stopped, the teenager was shocked to have her birthday present impounded by police. 

In addition to six points on her future licence, she was hit with a ‘conditional offer’ £300 fine on the grounds of “using a motor vehicle on a road or public place without third party insurance”. 

Mr Kersey said: “Insurance is huge anyway but to be slapped with six points for riding a battery scoter is insane. It seems extreme for a 16-year-old. The police would have a field day getting so many people punished if they were constantly checking electric scooters.

“It seems wrong to make an example of one child. The scooter was not even turned on at the time. How can it be classed as an electric vehicle?

“My brother is disabled and he has a mobility scooter which is powered and this requires no insurance to be ridden on public roads.

“It seems to be such a grey area. No one knows what the actual rules are. My daughter originally wanted a moped but we got here a scooter to get to and from places.”

The scooter which was seized by police belonging to Steve Kersey's daughter 

The scooter which was seized by police belonging to Steve Kersey’s daughter

– Credit: Steve Kersey

Mr Kersey had to pay £150 to get the scooter recovered from Delmonte Garage in Concorde Road.

A staff member for Delmonte said: “If someone comes in to collect an electric scooter which is seized by police that would cost them £150. That is a statutory charge set by the government.” 

Mr Kersey lives in the city while his daughter lives with her mum in Attleborough.

Norfolk Police has been contacted for comment.

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