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Taiwan has the highest density of scooters in the world, apparently, and in March there will be a new innovative scooter in town. The Yamaha EMF – a fully electric scooter – is the result of a collaboration between the Japanese marque and GoGoro, an electric scooter manufacturer with a monstrous swappable battery network. 

Powered by an electric motor with a 7.6 kW (10.2 bhp) motor, the Yamaha EMF is billed as the ultimate city scooter which is said to reach 30 mph in 3.5, have a top speed of around 60 mph, and weigh around 114 kg. But, importantly, the range per battery is yet to be confirmed. 

Though, we suppose the range isn’t of concern (which is novel for an electric machine) as the key feature of this scooter is the utilisation of the Gogoro swappable battery network. Simply roll up, replace your battery with a fully charged one, and roll out.

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