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Brompton is known for one thing: making folding bikes – plus, more recently, folding electric bikes. However in a recent chat with T3, Brompton’s Chief Design and Engineering Officer Will Carleysmith did us the courtesy of conjecturing about some other possible future projects. The obvious rival to the folding bike at the moment is the electric scooter, so I wondered if that was something Brompton might one day branch in to. 

I had a pretty good idea that Will wouldn’t exactly leap at the chance to move into this exciting new market – for a start, even the very best electric scooters still aren’t strictly legal in the UK, which is Brompton’s home turf. Nonetheless, it was interesting to hear his views on them. You can read the full Brompton interview if you want more – he also speaks at length about the design challenges of making the titanium Brompton T Line and explains why Brompton is best, when it comes to folding mechanisms and ‘Goldilocks’ wheel sizes…

Will CarleySmith

(Image credit: Brompton)

Will, pictured above started by mentioning that an electric version of the super-light T Line would be, “A phenomenal product and certainly an interesting thing to look at.” The Brompton Electric was quite ahead of its time in terms of some of its systems – the way the motor reacts to your pedalling in a natural way, for instance – and in the years since its launch the brand has gained a lot more expertise in that area. 

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