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Honda Benle e Electric Scooter with battery swappable tech
Honda Benle e Electric Scooter with battery swappable tech

Honda Motor Japan have setup a new subsidiary in India which will manufacture battery packs for Electric scooters, EVs

Honda has established a new subsidiary in India which will provide battery packs for small mobility in the country. Officially named Honda Power Pack Energy India Private Limited, this firm will also be responsible for battery swapping technologies in upcoming two-wheelers from the Japanese brand.

The registered office is located in Bengaluru. MD of this new company is Kiyoshi Ito. It has been setup with a capital of Rs 135 crores. Honda Motor Japan owns 100% stake in the subsidiary. The company aims to accelerate the penetration of electric vehicles (EVs) by solving three issues of electric vehicles: limited range, long charging time and high cost of batteries. However, services of the subsidiary won’t be limited to the electric two-wheeler space only.

Honda Battery Made In India – Mobile Power Pack e:

The firm plans to start battery sharing service for electric auto rickshaws (E-auto) from the first half of 2022 in Bengaluru, Karnataka and expand its operations in other Indian cities in a phased manner. Subscribers can avail services from the nearest battery-swapping station located in the city to exchange used batteries with fully charged ones.

The Japanese auto giant has branded the all-new portable and swappable batteries as ‘Honda Mobile Power Pack (MPP) e:’. By using this service, owners need not wait for charging and can get back on the road. These batteries will be made in India by Honda.

Honda Benle e Electric Scooter with battery swappable tech
Honda Benle e Electric Scooter with battery swappable tech

Interestingly, this is the same battery pack which also powers the Benly e electric scooter. The same scooter that has already spied on test near Pune earlier this year in June. This electric scooter has been specifically developed to cater to everyday pickup and delivery services. It is expected to be launched in India next year.

Benly e- Specs

Test mules of Benly e e-scooter have already been spotted on a couple of occasions previously. It made its maiden appearance at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show back in 2019. The scooter is powered by an electric motor that derives its energy from Honda’s MPP comprising two 48V, 20.8Ah lithium-ion batteries.

Benly e is offered in four trims namely Benly e I, Benly e I Pro, Benly e II and Benly e II Pro. These trims are offered with different motor specifications. Benly e I and I Pro feature a 2.8 kW (3.8 bhp) electric motor which returns a torque output of 13 Nm. On the other hand, Benly e II and II Pro are propelled by a 4.2 kW (5.7 bhp) electric motor that makes 15 Nm of peak torque.

Honda Battery Pack To Be Made In India
Honda Battery Pack To Be Made In India

As for performance, Honda claims a top speed of 30kmph on a flat road for Benly e I and I Pro whereas both these trims offer a range of 87km on a single charge. The more premium Benly e II and II Pro, receive a stronger top speed of 60kmph on a flat road while range drops to 43km on a single charge.

A hill climb of up to 12 degrees incline is possible with a maximum cargo of 30kg for Benly e I and I Pro. For Benly e II and II Pro, the same incline can be overcome with a peak cargo load of 60kg. The higher variants are even offered with a reverse assist feature.

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