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Komaki Electric Vehicles announced on Tuesday that it will ride out India’s first electric cruiser bike come January of 2022. Promising an affordable price tag in order to take battery power to more customers in the country, Komaki is making big claims about what would be its fifth product for the domestic market.

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Komaki, at present, offers four electric bikes but is placing its biggest bet on the upcoming electric cruiser. In a statement issued, the company underlined the focus on affordability and accessibility as the two pillars on which the electric cruiser would be based on. “This is something that we’ve been working on for quite a while. Our ultimate aim is to satisfy the needs of every customer segment,” said Gunjan Malhotra, Director, Komaki Electric Division. “Now that we have established a strong foothold in the utility segment, we’re looking to cater to the demands of the leisure segment as well. The launch of our new cruiser is a statement that EVs aren’t just for everyday use; they can be a great leisure companion as well.”

Apart from electric bikes, Komaki also offers several electric scooters in the Indian market. This includes Komaki XGT-X1 which claims to be the most affordable e-scooter in the country at present. (Read report here)

Komaki is well poised to take advantage of the advent of electric mobility in India, one that is being powered by the two-wheeler segment. A number of established as well as newer players are all in the fray for attention and with several states announcing subsidies for such products, the already rising demand could well increase further in the new year. Governments are also focusing on improving charging infrastructure which could additionally bolster customer confidence in trying electric technology. 

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