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An Eastbourne pensioner has been left with cuts, broken glasses and a black eye after being knocked over by an e-scooter and a bicycle.

Anthony Richardson, 87, said the first incident happened in June when someone using an e-scooter on the seafront caught his arm.

Mr Richardson said, “They are charging around in the town as well.

Anthony Richardson’s head injury following the incident with the bike on Eastbourne seafront SUS-211019-122315001

“I am just annoyed that these people are getting away with it.”

Mr Richardson fell over again on the seafront on Tuesday, October 12 after he had to quickly pull his dog out of the way of a cyclist.

He said, “This bike came along, charging along, much faster than pedestrians

“I got a bash on my head above my left eye and my left arm is all bruised and cut.

Anthony Richardson with his daughter Anne Steinacher SUS-211019-122519001

“The worst thing of all is it broke a lens in my glasses. That is the annoying thing.

“The bruises and cuts will heal up but the £71 hurts!”

Mr Richardson’s daughter Anne Steinacher also recalled the incident.

She said, “He came home in such a mess and it was the second time it has happened.

The injury to Anthony Richardson’s arm following the incident with the bike on Eastbourne seafront SUS-211019-122648001

“I have been close to it a couple of times.

“I am a bike person and even scooters, it is all good in its place but they go so fast. I feel like it is not being policed.”

Mrs Steinacher said there is a sign discouraging cyclists where the two incidents happened.

She said, “There was literally across on the pavement a big sign saying, ‘no cycling’.”

Mrs Steinacher also discussed the first time her father was knocked over on the promenade.

She said, “When he came back to me he was covered in blood on his sweatshirt.”

Like her father, Mrs Steinacher called for more to be done to stop a similar incident happening in the future.

She said, “I think if people start to see people are receiving fines for it they will think about not doing it.

“People are continuing because it is not being policed. I think it needs some examples being set.”

Mr Richardson said, “I walk past a dozen bikes every time (I walk on the seafront) and every time there are electric scooters as well. It is clearly marked.

“They just ignore it.”

The Eastbourne resident added, “It just needs dealing with in some way or another.

“They are running around on the pavement all over town.”

An Eastbourne Borough Council spokesperson said, “It is important that cyclists and e-scooter riders obey the no-cycling signs, clearly visible in pedestrian-only sections of the seafront, to ensure people’s safety.

“Whenever possible, our neighbourhood first officers will engage with anyone not abiding by these no-cycling signs and ask them to get off their bike until they leave the area. They will also explain why it is a pedestrianised area.”

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