This cheap ebike looks like a mountain bike and it’s great… as long as you avoid actual mountains Leave a comment

Take a look at our Best Electric Mountain Bike buying guide and you’ll quickly realise that most of the major manufacturers have focussed on the premium end of the MTB spectrum when it came time to electrify the range. The E-Trends Trekker takes a different approach, being a hardtail electric mountain bike that offers around 30 miles of smiles on a single charge, while electrically assisting the user up to the UK legal limit of 15.5mph.

The relatively small 7.5Ah battery is neatly stashed into the bike’s downtube, but it can be removed by inserting the provided key, making it possible to plug into a socket in the house, office or garage, where it will fully recharge from a domestic socket in four or five hours.

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