Woman who can ‘barely dress’ herself after being hit by e-scooter lashes out Leave a comment

Ms Abell said she approached lawyers and was considering her legal options.


“There was something to do with this scooter company not having third-party insurance, but they said all I could do is ago ahead with a civil complaint against the riders,” she said.

“I don’t want to do that. I’d much rather see something done about the scooters being on the footpath. It’s dangerous.

“We’ve already had one person killed in West End. It’s only a matter of time until a child is killed.”

The council did not provide injury and crash data to Brisbane Times. However, a spokesman said operators were required to provide data to the council.

“This data only covers shared scheme incidents that have been reported to the operators themselves,” he said.

“Brisbane’s e-scooter operators are required to have public liability insurance and will be required to have third-party insurance when the insurance industry makes it commonly available.”

Greens councillor Jonathan Sri said he was concerned e-scooter crash reports were not being collected by the local and state governments.

“Residents like Robyn should be able to feel safe walking along the footpath. I’ve been hearing from quite a few residents who say that local footpaths aren’t wide enough for e-scooters to use them safely,” he said.

“Ideally e-scooters should not be sharing space with pedestrians or cars.”

Ms Abell reported the issue to council and police and was told “they couldn’t do anything”.

A Beam spokeswoman said two minor crashes had been reported in Brisbane since its launch.

“In all incidents, we work closely with our riders and community members to support them, and we encourage anyone who witnesses or is involved in an accident involving Beam to reach out directly to us,” she said.

A spokesman said Beam was developing third-party liability insurance tailored to a future of widespread micro-mobility.

“Beam has comprehensive rider insurance, subject to local regulations,” she said.

“Our personal accident insurance policy is written locally by local insurers – the only provider in Brisbane to do this – and is designed to take into account our target audience, which includes Australians under 18.”

A Transport and Main Roads spokeswoman said no changes to the laws around e-scooters were being considered at this time.

“Personal mobility devices, such as e-scooters, which have become popular following an initiative by Brisbane City Council, are considered pedestrians under the law,” she said.

The spokeswoman said riders needed to give way to pedestrians and share the path while travelling no more than 25km/h.

“They must also travel at a speed that allows them to stop safely, especially around pedestrians,” she said.

“PMDs are able to use bicycle paths, including the Brisbane City Council CityLink Cycleway.

“This is because the path is separated from the rest of the road by raised kerbing.”

The spokeswoman said riders were not permitted to travel on main roads, on-road bike lanes or on roads in central business district areas for safety reasons.

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