Ola electric scooter top speed may be over 100 km/h Leave a comment

Ola electric scooter top speed may be over 100 km/h

Ola electric scooter top speed may be over 100 km/h&nbsp

Another day, another piece of information about what may very well be the most highly-anticipated in India at the moment, i.e. Ola electric scooter. Well, actually the company didn’t so much as reveal a new piece of information, but it was hint enough. The company’s top-boss took to Twitter yet again recently, though this time he posed a question instead of offering a new piece of information about the upcoming electric scooter in India. In a Twitter poll Bhavish Aggarwal asked followers what top speed do they wanted for the new Ola Scooter. The list of options included 80 kmph, 90 kmph, >100 kmph, and ‘Dont care just want it’. It is based on the options Aggarwal listed in this poll indicates that we are inclined to believe Ola scooter’s top speed may be well over 100 km/h. 

In previous tweets, Bhavish Aggarwal, Chairman and CEO, Ola Group, has shared an abundance of information about the upcoming Ola electric scooter in India. So, we know the electric scooter will be offered with a choice between 10 different colours, though the company has not revealed the exact names of the colours. We also know the Ola scooter will be keyless and offer ‘segment-leading’ boot space among other things.

The Ola electric scooter is expected to make use of a Lithium-ion battery and offer a riding range of about 150 km. We expect the details to be confirmed and more to be revealed at the time of Ola scooter’s India launch.

The company will home deliver the scooter, i.e. Ola will deliver the unit straight to buyers’ homes instead of relying on the traditional dealership model to enable sales. 

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