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Honda Activa with Starya EV Conversion Kit
Honda Activa with Starya EV Conversion Kit

With initial funding of Rs 2.1 crore, the startup will soon commence production of its innovative conversion kit

In a development that can accelerate the transition to a fully-electric ecosystem, Starya Mobility claims that they have come up with India’s first electric propulsion kit for scooters. The kit will be used in combination with a swappable battery. It will be used to convert gearless petrol powered scooters into fully electric units. The kit has been developed after more than two years of extensive research.

Mass conversion planned

It’s true that electric two-wheeler sales are gaining momentum. However, they are still a fraction of sales of ICE powered two-wheelers. One also needs to consider the fact that there are millions of petrol-powered scooter users.

Majority of these folks are unlikely to buy a new electric scooter anytime soon. Factors like high acquisition cost, range anxiety, battery life and hassles associated with charging often dissuade users from switching to electric.

In view of these bottlenecks, Starya Mobility’s petrol to electric conversion kit seems like the right solution. One of the key benefits for users is that they will be able to convert their petrol scooter to electric at around half the cost of a new electric scooter. The conversion kit, which includes the battery, is available at a basic cost of Rs 39,000.

Petrol to Electric Scooter Conversion Kit by Starya Mobility
Petrol to Electric Scooter Conversion Kit by Starya Mobility

Moreover, the battery will be offered as a service. This will further reduce the cost of conversion kit. Another benefit is that running cost will be reduced to one-third. As compared to approx. running cost of Rs 3.10 per kilometre for ICE scooters, the conversion kit will reduce that number to around Rs 1 per kilometre.

Starya Mobility is also building a large network of battery swapping stations. This should take care of any range anxiety that users may have. Another thing is that charging a scooter is not as easy as charging a mobile phone. A battery swapping network will take care of such issues. As the swappable battery will be available on subscription basis, there will be negligible impact on vehicle’s resale value.

Starya Mobility conversion kit specs

The kit includes a 6.0 KW PMSM motor connected to a 250A controller. The motor is an advanced unit that has been patented by the company. The motor has a top speed of 75 kmph and range of around 75-80 km on a full charge. The kit should allow users to achieve 0-40 kmph in 3.7 seconds.

Starya Mobility petrol to electric conversion kit seems like a great idea. However, success will depend on how well it’s executed. Rising fuel prices can definitely work in company’s favour. But users will make the switch only when they are satisfied about quality of product and reliability of services offered.

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