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Photo by Kyle Pozorski

Story By Kyle Pozorski

Local News Published 07/25/2021 9:34PM

Eagle RiverIn May of 2020, one Eagle River couple decided to start a new bike rental business with a twist, the bikes would be electric assisted. More than one year later, business at Eagle Bikes is doing great with rentals being checked out daily. Co-owner Linda Swisher spoke about how electric bikes can offer a way for everyone to enjoy biking.  

Swisher said, “we thought we had a great opportunity to fill, you know, hopefully a gap. And we’re two blocks from the Three Eagle Trail that goes from Eagle River to Three Lakes and back, so it seemed like everything kind of fell in place for us, and so far so good,” said Swisher. 

Opening last summer, Eagle Bikes offers e-bike rentals to tourists and Northwoods locals. Jill and Linda Freeman, visiting the area coming from southern Wisconsin, said they wanted to check out what electric bikes have to offer. 

“My husband is a much faster, an avid bike rider, so the only way I can keep up is the e-assist,” said Jill Freeman. 

Linda Freeman agreed, “it was a first time experience for me so I wanted to try the electric bike to see how it went. We went a little longer distance, than I probably could have gone. And I was able to enjoy the scenery much more with the electric assist.”

Swisher and her husband Mike love spending time together, but wanted a way to enjoy biking as a couple which is where the inspiration for the rental business came from.
Swisher continued, “when I got on the electric bikes, it allowed me to keep up with him. It allowed me to go on the trails that I would never have gone on otherwise.” She went on to say that many of her customers say the electric bikes give them an opportunity to hop back on.

“Some of our customers we see are in their mid to late sixties, early seventies. We’ve had a couple eighty year olds come in, and they can’t ride like they used to, but they still want to get out,” said Swisher. 

After more than a year operating business isn’t slowing down. Riders think that the electrified bikes add another way to enjoy the Northwoods area that we all love. 

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