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With all the food delivery and ride-sharing companies out there, urban mobility is already changing in ways few of us predicted. But now that this reality is here, and there are money to be made from it, everyone wants a piece of the action, even if, in the case of some, somehow indirectly.

Take BMW, for instance. The German behemoth is already busy making cars and motorcycles, and it is also involved in the car-sharing business. But up to this point, it has little to show for in the e-scooter and cargo bike segments.

But that may change soon, thanks to these two insane concepts the Bavarians presented this week: the Dynamic Cargo, and the Clever Commute.

The Dynamic Cargo is a three-wheeled contraption designed to carry, well, cargo, or even children, if that’s your need. It comes as a main one-wheel front frame connected via a pivot axle to the two-wheel rear section, where a pick-up-style transport platform is located.

The wheels spin thanks to an unspecified electrified powertrain that kicks into life as soon as the rider starts to pedal. The cargo area at the back is configurable (no exact specifics on that were given), allowing the concept to be used for a variety of tasks.

The Clever Commute on the other hand is an e-scooter designed to be used for park & ride purposes, the ultimate last-mile solution for working folk. The thing can be folded and shortened to allow easy use in a car (with trunk lengths the size of the 3 Series or higher) or public transport. It comes with a hub motor for the front wheel, allowing for the scooter to be easier to use while on ramps.

Both products are powered by removable batteries for easier recharging, and have a range of over 20 km (12 miles). None of them will ever be made by BMW itself, but chances are we’ll get to see them on the roads after all, as the Bavarians are “already in discussions with potential licensees.”

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