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harrisonburg policeThe recent donation of an electric bicycle for the Downtown Business Resource Officer has paved the way for improving service to the community while helping to reduce the Harrisonburg Police Department’s carbon footprint.

Several months ago, while visiting James McHone’s jewelry store, McHone suggested to officer Don Klotz that officers patrolling downtown should have an electric bike. McHone offered to help in the purchase, and in one week $4,650 was given to the Harrisonburg Police Foundation, including donations from McHone, Bob Wade Autoworld, Wease Auto, Flora Petit PC and Commonwealth’s Attorney Marsha Garst.

The new bicycle is an electric assist bike that multiplies the amount of effort that the cyclist pedals. The bike can travel at the 25 MPH speed limit downtown as well as operate with no electric assist at crowded events where very low speeds are needed.

In addition to the officers’ body weight, 40 pounds of equipment can be carried on the E-bike; more than would be practical on a traditional bike. The assistance of electricity allows the rider to arrive “fresh” on emergency calls instead of being winded by Harrisonburg’s hilly terrain.

The Harrisonburg Police Department would like to thank these businesses and those in the community that made this purchase possible.

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