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Fiido is the manufacturer of the sleek-looking folding Fiido D11 e-bike, which was funded last year on Indiegogo, pulling in more than a million dollars. Hoping to build on that success, Fiido launched its second campaign on Indiegogo, for the Fiido X and the Fiido X-Lite — and the campaign was fully funded in an hour. 

With a subtle folding mechanism integrated into the magnesium alloy frame, the battery is discreetly placed in the seat post and cables run through the frame. This makes the Fiido X one of the cleanest foldable e-bikes I’ve ever seen. There are three models: The Fiido X, Fiido X (US) version and Fiido X-Lite. They all ship with the Fiido security system that locks the battery into the frame via passcode. The code can be entered just below the seat, which releases the locking mechanism. 


All three bikes are also equipped with water-resistant LED displays, a charging port, a 52-tooth crank and a Shimano seven-speed cassette in the rear. All models are equipped with a torque sensor and roll on 20-inch tires and also feature integrated lights. 

Both the Fiido X and the US model are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and a 36-volt, 11.6-Ah battery that can be charged in 7 hours. The Lite has cable disc brakes and a 36-volt, 5.8-Ah battery that can be charged in 4 to 5 hours. The Fiido X and Lite have a top assist speed of 15.5 miles per hour and come with a 250-watt motor, while the US version of the X has a top assist speed of 19.2 mph and a 350-watt motor. 


Currently available for preorder from Indiegogo at early-bird and super-early-bird rates. The Fiido X will retail for $1,999 but is 45% off at the super-early-bird level of $1,098 and 35% off for the early-bird, putting it at $1,298. The Fiido X-Lite will retail for $1,796 and will be discounted 50% for the super-early-bird level ($898) and early-bird of 38% off ($1,098) while supplies last. The super-early-bird price for the X-Lite converts to approximately £650 and AU$1,220 while the Fiido X is about £800 and AU$1,490 converted.

All orders placed now are expected to ship in September. I’m currently testing out the D11 and also plan to test out the X, so check back soon for a full hands-on review.

As always, please note that CNET’s reporting on crowdfunding campaigns is not an endorsement of the project or its creators. Before contributing to any campaign, read the crowdfunding site’s policies — in this case, Indiegogo — to find out your rights (and refund policies, or the lack thereof) before and after a campaign ends.

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