Electric scooter: New technology could stop dangerous riders in road safety boost Leave a comment

The Pedestrian Defence active safety system has been launched by tech experts at Superpedestrian and Navmatic which could revolutionise city streets. They warn the new technology has “cracked the code” to one of the “biggest challenges” facing electric scooters.

“Now, we can scale Pedestrian Defense across our entire fleet and offer riders and cities something no other company has: a real-time solution to aggressive and unlawful riding.”

The technology will also offer direct notifications or incentives to riders such as discounts for being safer on the roads.

Comprehensive data will also be made available to policymakers to illustrate trends and locations which are prone to unsafe behaviour.

Local authorities can then use this tool to introduce legislation to make the roads even safer.

He said: “With Superpedestrian’s high-quality hardware and smart system operation, we can detect how riders behave.

“[We can] make real-time interventions, and give cities actionable insight into the safety of their streets.

“This is what cities really need to solve the problems associated with e-scooters, and our team is the first and only one to achieve it.”

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