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VILLUPURAM:  With fuel prices increasing every day, people are desperate for an alternative and more affordable mode of transport. And answering to the demand, 33-year-old S Baskaran has designed an electric cycle that can travel up to 50 km with just one unit of current. And what is more, it cost him just Rs 20,000 to make it! 

A resident of Pakamedu village in Villupuram, Baskaran is a diploma holder in mechanical engineering. He had to quit his job due to the pandemic last year and has been focussing on agriculture. During his free hours, Baskaran researched electric cycles and bought an old cycle for Rs 2,000, which he turned into an e-cycle. All he needed were spare parts for Rs 18,000.

The innovator told Express, “The cycle is fitted with an electrical motor, battery, controller and brake cut off switch. The battery can be charged up to one unit and that gives it a range of 50 km. The speed will be 30 kmph. Once the battery goes off, it can be recharged by peddling the cycle as well. It cost me Rs 20,000 to design this cycle and it will be  a boon for common people.” 

The patent for the device will be soon obtained, Baskaran said. He further said that his dream is to earn through his inventions and research. He also said he hopes to create an affordable electric wheelchair for persons with disabilities.

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