Sunra Robo-S (2021) electric scooter road test and review Leave a comment

Say hello to Sunra. The latest electric brand to land in the UK, and one that’s hoping that their competitively priced Robo-S is the 125cc-equivalent electric scooter that could solve the new hybrid commuting & work-from-home dynamic appearing as a result of global events in the past year.

Visordown headed out to the fantastic Robotazia restaurant in Milton Keynes for the UK Sunra launch – a place where robots quite literally deliver food to your table. But we weren’t there for the robots and a chance to meet the original Matilda from Robot Wars. No, we were there to check out two of the flagship Sunra machines for the UK market: the Robo-S and Miku Super.

This isn’t a new start-up brand, either, there’s gargantuan backing here. Sunra is a Chinese manufacturer founded back in 1999 specifically specialising in electric vehicle design, R&D, manufacturing & sales, so they know a thing to two.

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