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BAY CITY, Mich. (WJRT) -(0716/21)-If you’ve been to downtown Bay City lately, you may have noticed these scooters and people riding them around town.

They look like fun, but there are some rules and regulations you need to know before you hop on one.

“As soon as I heard the news about them coming to Bay City and Saginaw, I was like, you know what, lets go take a ride on one of them,” said Bay City resident, Mike Smith.

The ‘Birds’ landed in downtown Bay City July 2nd. After just two rides, Mike Smith is already a fan of the electric scooters.

“They’re great around to travel, especially if you park your car somewhere,” Smith said.

Last month the Bay City Board of Commission approved a fleet of rentable stand-up electric scooters stationed throughout the city.

Now that the e-scooters are in use, Bay City Director of Public Safety Michael Cecchini wants to make sure people are using them correctly– and safely.

“People on the scooters need to be mindful and motorists need to be aware that there are scooters out there, Cecchini said You have to obey all the rules of the road.”

Those rules include–

“You have to stop for stop signs. You have to drive in the correct lane. You can only ride two abreast in the roadway and be as close to the curb as possible. Cecchini said, If you ride them on the sidewalk, the sidewalk is for pedestrians, that’s why they call it the sidewalk, it’s not a side ride, so they have to yield to pedestrians because pedestrians always have the right of way.”

Also another no-no, zipping in between vehicles.

“It’s dangerous, it’s hard to judge speeds and its just going to lead to an accident,” he said.

Cecchini says so far, there have been no reported accidents or fines issued for improper use. But his officers are watching closely for those e-scooter riders not following the rules.

“We posted some rules based on the motor vehicle code for the state of Michigan for people to follow and we be enforcing those rules,” Cecchini said.

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