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Last year, Lexus hit the market with its all-electric UX 300e, an electric car meat to solidify the manufacturer’s presence as an EV manufacturer. With a 400 km (248 mi) range, and 0-100 km (0-62 mi) time of 7.5 seconds, it seems like a promising contender to offer a firsthand electric experience.

However, Lexus thought that this may not be enough, and enlisted the design genius of Chris Labrooy to help extend the UX 300e lifestyle. In doing so, the collaboration sparked a stationary workout bicycle like none other, designed to complement the 300e in both form and function.

About the project, Labrooy says, “Building these [visuals] for Lexus was an exciting prospect. I was able to draw on a wealth of iconic materials and textures from the UX 300e to help craft a suite of highly futuristic objects. Doing this project has left me with an even greater appreciation of the detail and craft invested in their products.

The Lexus UX 300e Electric Workout Bike as it’s been dubbed is unlike any other stationary bike that’s run across my screen. Sure, it’s just a concept, and the chances of Lexus building this seem quite slim, but it still stands as a testament to the sort of ideas Lexus has in mind for the future.

One thing you’ll notice about the Bike is that it follows design cues and styling to match the 300e. The first one the jumped into my eyes is the taillight. I’m not going to ask what that’s doing on a stationary bike, but it looks as if it belongs. This feature mimics the shape of the real taillight and includes LEDs too.

Since the Bike is electric, you’ll only need to plug it in when it’s not in use. As for where the battery pack may be, it’s probably hidden in that rear section underneath the taillight. However, this isn’t reveled in any of the documentation I could find on the project.

Since the 300e is a vehicle that offers a quick takeoff and responsive control, the Bike is meant to do the same and embodies these traits in the riding experience. With dynamic acceleration and deceleration, this Bike is also designed to offer you a personalized riding experience.

One feature that looks amazing is the front wheel. Aside from the fact that it’s a hubless wheel, this all-electric bike comes across like something that belongs in a museum rather than your workout garage. The frame design is also part of the reason the bike can be designed as a hubless one.

If you look closely at the frame, you’ll notice that it’s sort of one continuous piece that double back on itself in order to create a seat, bottom bracket, seatstay, and cockpit. This continuous design also creates the loop in which the hubless wheel is mounted. This way of designing the front of the Bike looks like it can even be replicated on a real device, although, it may take some work to figure out.

Now, this may not be a real bike that you’ll get if you buy a UX 300e, but the fact that Lexus called upon a designer to create a few lifestyle extensions for them tells you that the future could very well see a device like this stationary workout bike, possibly bearing the Lexus logo.

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