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Ebike startup Blix has wheeled out a shiny new version of its Packa Genie electrified cargo hauler, which boasts a powerful 750-W hub-motor and a beefy dual-battery setup for an impressive range. With the capacity to carry up to 200 lb (90 kg) in cargo despite not being much longer than a regular bike, the refreshed Packa Genie presents as an agile and highly capable two-wheeler for moving large loads through busy urban environments.

The 7-speed Packa Genie sits among Blix’s commuter, cruiser and folding ebikes as en equally polished two-wheeler designed for comfort and convenience. The low step-through frame allows riders short and tall to easily hop on and off, and keeps the center of gravity low for safer handling through city streets.

Blix has designed a modular cargo system consisting of racks, baskets and platforms, which works with mounting points on the front and rear of the bike to form over 200 different storage combinations. Integrated headlights and brake lights can be found at the front and rear, while the puncture-resistant tires are fitted with Kevlar to keep the whole show on the road.

The Packa Genie works with a modular rack system for a variety of cargo-hauling options

The Packa Genie works with a modular rack system for a variety of cargo-hauling options


The 750-W hub motor in the rear wheel is a decidedly powerful one for an ebike, and is one Blix hopes will make it easier for riders to haul heavy loads across town and up steep hills. (Always check your local laws regarding power limits for ebikes). A throttle allows riders to draw on this power through varying levels of pedal assistance, while also allowing the ebike to be ridden without pedaling at all.

The new Packa Genie is also kitted out with hydraulic disc brakes for better stopping power even in the rain, while an auto power-off feature cuts the power when the brake levers are pressed, protecting the rider from any unwanted forward movements. That power comes from a pair of 614-Wh battery packs fitted to the back of the seat post, which combine for an 80-mile range (128 km) and can be recharged in six hours via USB.

Blix's Packa Genie ebike in action

Blix’s Packa Genie ebike in action


An LCD display is mounted to the handlebars and allows the rider to keep track of battery levels, distance traveled, their speed and offers control over pedal assist and the ability to charge devices through a built-in USB port.

Available in gray, teal and white, pricing for the Packa Genie starts at US$1,699 for the single-battery version, while the dual-battery option will set you back $1,999. Both are available for pre-order now, with shipping slated for September. The video below offers an overview of the bike.

Packa Genie Overview

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