Beryl has partnered with Captur to help enable members of the public to report any safety or parking concerns about e-scooters on the Isle of Wight, as the Government trial expands to Sandown and Shanklin today (Tuesday).

The partnership will allow non-users of the scheme to report any safety or parking concerns about Beryl e-scooters directly to their Isle of Wight operational team. To do so, Islanders simply need to scan the QR code on any vehicle, take a photo and submit. Each time a report is submitted, points will be earned towards a donation to the Sight for Wight charity.

The expansion of Beryl’s existing scheme will see an increase in the overall fleet of e-Scooters across the Island by 25. There are 19 new bay locations in Shanklin and Sandown, which are now live and can be found in the Beryl app. These bays have been chosen in full consultation with Isle of Wight Council, Island Roads, Hampshire Constabulary and Solent Transport.

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To celebrate the launch of e-Scotters in The Bay, Beryl is offering people in Sandown and Shanklin the first 10 minutes of their rides free until Monday 19th July, as well as providing 10% of all minute bundles for all Isle of Wight until 18th July.

Philip Ellis, Beryl CEO, has said:

‘’As we expand our scheme on the Isle of Wight into Sandown and Shanklin today, we’re taking another step to ensure our e-scooters are convenient for riders, pedestrians and other road users.

‘’Due to our innovative geo-fenced and lined bays, 95% of journeys end in one, and we want to improve that further through our partnership with Captur.

‘’Non-riders will be able to report any safety or parking concerns, simply by scanning a QR code on each vehicle, taking a photo, and submitting a report. Each report will also see points earned towards a donation to the Sight for Wight charity.’’

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Charlotte, CEO and Founder, Captur said:

‘’Again the Isle of Wight leads the way. It’s clear members of the public want more convenient travel options, but they also really care about the impact on their local community and the environment. Now is the time to work together to make sure the e-scooters work for everyone and are here to stay!

‘’That’s why Captur has partnered with Beryl and will automatically donate to Sight for Wight each time a report is submitted from a member of the public.’’

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