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Dozens of traffic accidents in Tallinn involving electric scooters have prompted riding exercises encouraging the improvement of rider skills and knowledge of traffic rules, Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports.

In the Estonian capital, the have been registered the highest number of incidents involving e-scooters so far in 2021, with the Police and Border Guard Board’s northern prefecture as a whole recording over 70 traffic accidents involving the vehicles in the first half of the year, with close to 80 related injuries reported.

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The majority of accidents have been linked to riders’ inability to control the vehicle and involve falls related to potholes in the road, or curbstones. Tallinn police representative, accident prevention specialist Mari-Liis Mölder commented: «The most important thing is that if we get a maximum speed of 25 km / h, with a change in the law, then this maximum speed does not always have to be pursued and you have to drive more slowly».

«Look out for pedestrians, other riders in front. You just have to be careful, and, of course, to check that the scooter is in order,» Mölder added as e-scooter driving lessons are held this week in Tallinn, ERR reports.

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