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Bird Canada is hosting an e-scooter public safety demonstration Thursday in Windsor, two months after the company launched in the city.

Five hundred e-scooters are scattered throughout Windsor, with over 60,000 rides reported since the Rose City launch in May.

Bird Canada says the event is designed to promote the responsible riding of Bird’s shared e-scooters and will provide attendees with micro-mobility vehicle basics, including in-depth information on how to properly ride and operate e-scooters.

The event also hopes to bring attention to rules for respecting pedestrians, businesses, and traffic.

Company officials say there are plans to hold similar safety events in August and September.

The event runs until 2 p.m. at Civic Terrace, north of Riverside Drive, east of the Spirit of Windsor.

Free helmets will be given out to those who successfully demonstrate safe riding practices at the event and awareness of City of Windsor e-scooter guidelines.

100 electric bicycles to join the Bird e-scooter Windsor fleet

“I think the passion that we see in Windsor is above average which is wonderful to see,” Bird Canada CEO Stewart Lyons says

The number of poor behaviour incidents in Windsor has gone down, noting people are focused on learning proper use, she says.

“A device to go shopping, a device to go out with friends, A device to get home,” Stewart adds. “Really an alternative transportation device and really that’s what it’s all about.”

Stewart says Bird Canada is almost ready to introduce 100 electric bicycles to Windsor, telling CTV News the COVID-19 pandemic caused some shipping delays.

“The really cool thing is Windsor will be the first market in Canada to get these e-bikes and our first market in Canada to have them and we’ll be really excited to deliver them to the people of Windsor as soon as they’re available.”

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