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Electric bike. Picture PMO Twitter.
Electric bike. Picture PMO Twitter.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s first environment-friendly bike was launched Thursday by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Addressing the lanching ceremony, PM Imran Khan said the government was working on setting out an eco-friendly roadmap for Pakistan to protect its future generations from the negative effects of climate change and global warming.

“We will devise long-term policies on environmental protection to materialize the vision of a clean and green Pakistan, and pass on a liveable place to the coming generations,” the prime minister said.

He said if the country did not generate its own wealth, Pakistan will time and again have to seek loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“Our people have been tested time and again, and each time, they have done well,” he said, speaking words of praise for the common Pakistani’s generosity.

The prime minister said his government was focused on saving the taxpayers’ money through measures of austerity.

“We are undertaking these measures to ensure that the public’s confidence in the government’s tax system is restored,” he stressed.

PM Khan said e-vehicles were important for Pakistan as they would help reduce environmental pollution.

He lamented how previous governments had failed to take measures to protect the environment, stressing the importance of the Billion Tree Tsunami initiative of the government.

The prime minister said Pakistan’s cities were expanding at a rapid pace, due to the population growth. He said Islamabad, Peshawar and Karachi had grown rapidly and were continuing to do so without planning.

He said when these cities expanded without proper planning, they faced water, pollution and other issues.

PM Khan regretted how previous governments had taken loans from the IMF and as a result, hindered wealth generation. He said it was of paramount importance that Pakistan utilised its raw materials to manufacture products and reduce its reliance on imports.

“The more dollars coming in, in a country, makes it rich,” he said. “On the other hand, if the dollars start going out more than they come in, the country becomes poorer,” added the premier.

e-bike variants

The launching of e-bike is part of the present government’s five-year Pakistan Electric Vehicles Policy 2020-2025, approved last year and envisaged targeting a robust electric vehicle market having a 30% and 90% share in passenger vehicles and heavy-duty trucks by 2030 and 2040 respectively.

The salient features of the policy include a phased transition of the automobile industry, as it will be covering two and three-wheelers and heavy commercial vehicles providing incentives to manufacturers.

Manufactured by a Pakistani company Jolta Electric, the e-bike is a major step towards electrifying the country’s automobile industry.

The e-bike, to be available in various models including JE-70, JE-70 L, JE-70 D, JE-100 L, JE-125 L, JE-Scooty, JE-Sports Bike, is energy-efficient and can be charged overnight with other features such as no clutch and gear and low maintenance.

Various models of Jolta e-bikes have different speed specifications from 10 to 60 kilometers per hour and can cover a distance after full charge from 60 to 100 kilometers.

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