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NEW DELHI: Ola Electric’s 500-acre factory is set to begin e-scooter production soon. Upon completion, the facility will be the largest two wheeler facility in the world.
Ola CEO Bhavish Agarwal, took to Twitter to announce the near completion of the factory.

With over 3000 AI-driven robots, the factory can make a scooter in 2 seconds on average and has up to 10 production lines. Ola Electric predicts a production capacity of 10 million.
The name and specifications of the much-awaited e-scooter will be announced upon launch.
While details remain unclear, Agarwal on Friday tweeted “Goes 0-60 faster than you can read this tweet! Ready or not, a revolution is coming,” alongside a teaser featuring the two wheeler. The company also claims that the upcoming scooter will have the largest boot capacity within the segment.
The e-scooter is modeled after Etergo BV’s AppScooter. Etergo BV is a Dutch start-up that was acquired by Ola in 2020.
The e-scooter is likely to launch in July this year.

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