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PoweElectric bikes have surged in popularity over the past few years. They are not as common as normal bikes on the road and in parks, but they are still propping up everywhere.

They are so popular because, according to studies, they have a similar effect for achieving fitness as traditional bikes; also, many people find that electric bikes are better for commuting to work when compared to your normal bike that relies fully on the energy of the cyclist. This is because an electric bike will get you to your destination sooner without causing you to sweat.

One of the companies that have made a mark on the electric biking industry is NAKTO. They are based in California and have been producing quality electric bikes for quite some time now. They have many cool bikes, but according to plenty of electric bike enthusiasts, by far the coolest one is the NAKTO 300W Fat Tire Super Cruise E-Bike.

We did a little research into this electric beauty, and this is what makes it the coolest bike NAKTO has to offer.

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How Does The NAKTO 300W Fat Tire Super Cruise E-Bike Stand Out?

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One of the reasons why so many electric bike riders call this the coolest NAKTO bike is partly because of the design. The bike is very traditional when it comes to the body, but the tires are a different story. As the name suggests, the tires are huge for a bike. If you’ve seen the NAKTO 300W in person, you probably noticed them first.

Such large tires tell potential riders that this bike is steady and that they can feel confident that they can ride their electric mountain bike in a variety of settings. You can ride it to work without it seeming too much of a bike that’s meant for the trails, and of course, you can take full advantage of these huge tires on the roughest of outdoor environments. Versatility is important to most bikers, and the NAKTO delivers in that category.

Power, Wheels, And Screen

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The NAKTO 300W is powered by a 36-volt 300-watt AOMA Brushless hub motor, which is equipped with both throttle control and pedal assistance. In terms of the battery for this top-of-the-line electric bike, it comes standard with a 36-volt lithium-ion battery. This is positioned under the seat post to avoid getting in the way of the rider.

This bike has six speeds and features a SHIMANO push-button shifter.

The frame used on this bike is made of high-strength carbon steel and top-level auto paint to create that classic NAKTO look and feel. The company certainly designed this bike to last several years because the frame is solid, much like the tires.

In terms of those monster tires, specifically, they are CST BFT tires and are 26 x 4.0; they come with k-shield protection. The rims are double-wall and are 26 x 4 Alloy, and the spokes on this bike are black stainless steel.

The NAKTO comes with a pretty awesome LCD. It shows your speed, battery level, odometer, and your pedal assist level. This display is also backlit.

This bike weighs a total of 65 lbs. This includes the weight of the battery, which means in the case of an accident, you wouldn’t have to worry about sustaining any extra injury from the bike itself.

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Speed And Safety

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The NAKTO 300W has a max speed of 20 MPH. It’s definitely not the quickest electric bike on the market, but it is still pretty fast.

In terms of lighting, you can get both an LED head and taillight if you order at the electric bike shop online. This is highly recommended if you plan to use your e-bike at night.

The NAKTO 300W comes standard with TEKTRO DISC brakes. The front tires have 180mm, and the rear is 160mm. For additional safety, the bike has a motor cut-off sensor in the brake handles.

Should You Buy This One?

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There are plenty of great electric bikes on the market. Some are built for speed, and some are built for more leisurely riding and commuting. The NAKTO 300W is not the fastest bike out there, but it offers innovation, stability, and they truly stand out when seen in public. This is a solid bike that is often called the coolest NAKTO bike because of the amount of work that was put into its design.

So, should you buy one? Well, that depends. It’s a slick e-bike, and you won’t get tired of the bold design, but if you are looking for something particularly fast, this is not the one for you.

However, if this would be your first experience with electric bikes and you want to do some casual riding, this bike is certainly worth considering. You’d get great value for your money, and NAKTO is a trusted company. It is currently available for $949.00.

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