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Shanghai-based tech group Sharkgulf Technologies Group Limited has introduced its new Blueshark R1 smart electric scooter to the local market.

Having won the Good Design Award 2020, the electric scooter comes equipped with 74 sensors to support safe driving and two class lithium-ion battery packs loaded in the trunk and which allows for 160 kilometers of range.

“Distances in Macau are small but there’s a lot of traffic signals and traffic so lots of starts and stops. Therefore the battery could last for 80km. I did some tests in Macau. If just driving in the Macau Peninsula side in one-week one just needs to change the battery once,’ Kevin Cheang Director of Business Administration for Blueshark Energy Technology told Macau News Agency.

The two batteries can either be replaced or charged at home, taking some 2.5 hours to reach 80 per cent or 3.5 hours to be fully charged. It also offers a 200kg capacity and 80/kh max speed.

“It’s not easy to have public charging spots in Macau, we have talked to the government to have some locations to safely replace the batteries. We want the user to have a safe place to swap the batteries,” Cheang said.

“Maybe we can even place some battery swap spots in gas stations or public parking lots. It needs to be convenient for the user”

Blueshark R1 batteries

According to Cheang, including the battery charges, the average price of a Blueshark R1 smart electric scooter can reach about HK$30,000. If in the future battery swap stations are provided the price could be reduced.

The scooter also includes an IoV system in real-time, and messages are synchronized to the Blueshark App on the owner’s smartphone, with the vehicle having fingerprint sensor ignition and remote ignition via smartphone.

“At the moment establishing convenient service to the users is the most important, with selling coming in second,” Cheang added.

The company representative indicated that about 10 scooters had been sold in Macau since false started a few months ago.

Outside of Mainland China, most Blueshark R1 smart electric scooters are on sale in South Korea and Europe.

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