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The Cowboy 4 has just taken the top spot in our roundup of the best e-bikes of 2021, and for good reason. It shows the true potential of electric bikes, and demonstrates just how easy, accessible and fun they can make cycling.

The Cowboy 4 (available to pre-order now) is as simple to use as possible, with no power buttons, assistance level settings, or even gears to worry about. Just begin pedalling and the motor will kick in automatically, adjusting the amount of assistance in response to your efforts. If you’re cruising on the flat then the bike will only give you a little extra help, but if you’re pushing up a hill then it’ll help you glide to the summit.

Cowboy 4 bikes in step-over and step-through variations

The Cowboy 4 is available with a step-over or step-through frame, making it accessible to a wider range of riders (Image credit: Cowboy)

It’s super low maintenance as well, with internal cable routing and built-in fenders to keep everything as neat and clean as possible, plus a carbon belt in lieu of the usual chain. No tensioning and oiling is necessary, though the belt does mean that the Cowboy is unsuitable for taking off-road. For that, you’d be better suited by an e-bike like the Ribble Hybrid CGR AL e, which is built for tougher conditions.

Built-in lights run from the bike’s detachable battery, which can also charge your phone as you ride. Cowboy’s app provides turn-by-turn navigation, and can calculate the quickest, quietest, and least polluted routes for you.

Cowboy 4 e-bike handlebars with smartphone attached

The Cowboy 4 charges your phone wirelessly, while its app delivery turn-by-turn navigation (Image credit: Joseph Delves)

The bike’s in-built diagnostic system will warn you if anything goes wrong, and there’s automatic incident detection that’ll alert an emergency contact automatically if you have an accident. If you take out the optional theft insurance, you’ll also receive a warning if the bike is moved when you’re not close, and you’ll be able to follow its whereabouts so you can get it back.

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