Bedfordshire Police slams the brakes on illegal e-scooter use Leave a comment

Bedfordshire Police is launching a new operation to tackle the illegal use of electric scooters (e-scooters) as crime related intelligence in Bedfordshire increases by 300 per cent in the last year.

Over the last six months, e-scooter related casualties on the roads of Bedfordshire have also doubled.

Privately owned e-scooters are currently illegal to use on public roads. If you’re found to be using one in Bedfordshire you could receive up to six points on your licence, a £300 fine and your scooter could be seized.

It is only legal to use a private e-scooter or powered transporter on private land with the permission of the land owner.

Inspector Ed Finn from the Bedford Community Policing team, and leading the operation, said:

“This week, we are launching an operation to take action against people who continually break the law by choosing to illegally ride e-scooters.

“We completely understand that there may be some confusion surrounding the legalities of riding e-scooters, especially when there are legal rental schemes in neighbouring counties.

“Our officers have worked really hard with partners, local schools and local transport agencies to try and educate people around the legal implications it could have for them.

“Our community have been telling us the impact these items are having on them and now we are taking action.”

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