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City resident Peter Hitchens has questioned the further roll-out of e-scooters, prompting lively debate from Oxford Mail readers.

Mr Hitchens, a journalist, said he was opposed to the expansion of the e-scooter trial into other areas, saying he regarded the machines as a ‘dangerous menace’.

CHRISSY DEBANKS: “Just don be too harsh. Lorries hate cars, cars hate push bikes, now push bikes hate scooters.”

ED KAHN: “One law for the council and another for the public.”

PIOTR CHMURZYNSKI: “I bet dissing scooters has nothing to do with the taxi lobby.”

ANDREW STOPPER: “It’s so the council can make more money.”

CHRISSY DEBANKS: “Stop being pathetic. Let people live man! Make helmets mandatory. No helmet, no ride!

“Don’t talk dumb about insurance, it’s a battery operated scooter. Don’t get me wrong there’s some fast ones out there, so maybe over a certain speed?”

ANTON NEL: “Correction; people are a dangerous menace. Scooters are merely a tool to get from point A to point B.”

CODY LING: “Love it everyone should have one.”

ANTON ZEELIE: “Again a case of: it is too much hassle to think of how to generate rules for these e-scooters, so we just make them illegal.

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“Unless it is councils owning them. Therefore we will make a discriminatory law to prevent civilians from using these. However, we now still have civilians using these devices, so we still need to make rules. Makes no sense whatsoever.”

BECKY WOODLEY: “Tried it with the bikes and that was a waste of time and money. Silly idea if you ask me.”

JOHNNY MCMAHON: “Anyone know where the insurance stands if they cause an accident with a car?”

DESMOND SCOTT: “Love it love it I have a car and push bike and I use them.”

VERITY MILLS-DAVIES: “Just like the LTNs.”

BRYAN COLE: “They tried them here in Adelaide (south Australia) but they got left everywhere, some ended up in the river, so the trial was aborted. People did get hurt by careless riders using them on the pavement, and that was that, game over.”

SUE LEWIS: “So we have yet another stupid idea from the council, congratulations to them.”

ANGELA ARNOLD: “I don’t have a problem with adults who ride them reasonably sensibly but I do have a problem with youngsters weaving in and out on privately owned ones on the pavements, and racing through shopping areas.”

RYAN O’NEILL: “Move with the times or get left behind.”

COLIN SMITH: “The world is always changing and this scares me.”

LIAM HUGHES: “The thing I don’t get is the issue with e-scooters started as soon as they hit the streets, so who’s great idea was it to make them available to hire?

“Saying that helmets should be worn but every person I’ve seen on these scooters isn’t wearing one.

“The problem is kids messing about in them so make an age limit, don’t stop everyday people from using them to travel to work etc, because you should be making those who ride electric bikes insure their vehicles too, considering some electric ‘bikes’ can go as fast as a moped just like the scooters but yet there’s not a problem with them on the roads?”

PHILIP RICHARDSON: “It’s the riders not the scooters that are a ‘dangerous menace’. Just be grateful they’re not behind the wheel of a car!”

JOHN FRANCISCO: “What about those electric bicycles than can achieve speeds of 25mph?”

HAZEL DAWE: “Before further roll out the council should sort out enforcement. I constantly see private scooters being ridden in the Headington trial area. Why is that a problem?

“Because hire scooters are insured and speed limited and you have to have a driving licence to hire one. None of the above apply to private scooters which can only legally be used on private land.”

DANIEL CARIERI: “Cars bikes and scooters all do the same thing so why is it any different.”

TAMMIE DAWSON: “It’s all about the money.”

GIORGOS KOUTSOGIANNIS: “I saw one crash with a pedestrian going he other way on the pavement -they go really fast riders should wear hi-viz at least.”

MARTIN WAKEFIELD: “Completely agree! Weaving around the road, headphones on, checking their Snapchat.”

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